The title of this rubric has arised because of problems with identification of some our welding projects - if they belong to technology or equipment welding projects exactly. Really, what comes first: an egg or a chicken-bird, technology or equipment? This traditional question, applied to our elaborations, has given us as a result this rubric where we try to provide some information about two original types of equipment developed with our active participation (modular-inverter AMC-1 welder) or personally by us (cheap, safe and simple sets). Below we compare the latter of them with relatively well known similar sets. More information will be given later. Here we only want to mark the main distinctive peculiarity of new sets - much more current of non-transferred, or so-called pilot, arc. It allows possibilities of making micro brazing, local heat treatment, etc.These sets were developed earlier than some new technologies, coupled with their usage, were proposed. Showing the approximate prices of such sets, we used signs P1, P2, S1 , S2 , and what they mean one may read in our rubric cheap, safe and simple sets.

Comparison of the new cheap, safe and simple sets with the similar sets:

Properties Type of Apparatus
PAW 100
USA DT-100
Prototype of
a New Set
New Industrial
Set - for Dental
and Semiautomatic
Jewelry Joining
Main ARC Current, A 0.5-100 0.5-100 0.5-150 0.5-95 0.3-100
Open Circuit Voltage, V 110 95 - 60 60
Pilot ARC Current, A 1-5 1-10 - 7-50 2-50
Frequency , Hz 0.1-100 - - 50 Possible
Pulse Duration, Sec 0.01-10 - - 0,2-2 0,05-5
Presence of Water
Circulation System
Yes - Yes Not Not/Yes
Dimensions, mm LxWxH 635x

Weight, KG 52
» 50 59 <35 30/55
Possibility of Brazing None None None Yes Yes
Number of changing
parameters by foot pedal
Up to 3 Up to 3 - 6 6-7
Maintenance Complexity Medium Low High Very Low Very Low
Price in thousands of US$ 14 nearly 12,5 >15 7+4 P1 ~ 3.500
P2 ~ 4.500
S1 ~ 7.000
S2 ~ 11.000

The AMC-1 welder was developed as a result of our technological ideas realization (you may see our USSR inventions N.N.790464, 866889, 1284100, 1626537 and some foreign patents). Thereby, in this case the technology was created earlier, and only after the technology the equipment had been developed.

However it does not matter. Most importantly our aspiration: is to our "bird" aquire the ability to fly long distance and very quickly, being useful not only to people who took care of the "egg" and grew the "bird", but also for all that is been involved. Maybe this "chicken-bird" will carry "gold eggs", in other words - maybe our elaborations will find their useful positions in industries and even in scientific research, as well as in the realm of home appliances. We would be very glad to hear opinions and comments any customer or reader of this site in relation to the new cheap sets and the AMC-1 welder. One of this welder's positive but uknown feature is that switching-on and switching-off of its power transistors is taking place while the going through them current is nearly zero, that is to say - absent (it is the invention of the talented engineer Vladimir Komkov). That is why these transistors work in much better conditions and essentially longer time than others - in similar electronic devices. Because the block of pilot arc of this set has very good properties, we suggest that it may be used as a component of different welding sets, including the above mentioned new sets.

Maybe it is reasonable to use the block of pilot arc from the AMC-1 welder in similar sets which are given in the upcoming Table. Generally speaking, we are ready to cooperate with companies-producers of similar equipment who have such and different aims. Of course, we want to realize the unique AMC-1 possibilities - to weld edge, flanged and corner seams with gaps and displacements of edges, exceeding their thick, and in any space position (due to the special impulse form of the main arc current of this set) without using a filler material.

The principal difference between the two types of equipment, that we propose, is that the first type is developed mostly as a manual set, while AMC-1 welder is mainly nominated for mechanized and automatic welding, or for using together with robots. The new cheap, safe and simple sets permit to make micro brazing and combined welding-brazing processes, although due to the absence of their pulse parameters large regulation (as compared with similar foreign sets and especially - with the AMC-1 welder) they may be used only for welding of metal materials with thicknesses more than 0,2 mm. Of course, the AMC-1 welder may be also very successfully used in the manual mode but this set is more expensive and complicated than our new sets. By the way, due to the modular structure of the AMC-1 welder it may be also adjusted for the same processes - micro brazing, welding-brazing, etc. - that at present only new cheap sets can make, but this may be rather costly.

In order to develop and introduce our united elaborations we are ready to cooperate with various, mainly welding, companies and organizations, like AWS, PEWI, TWI, EWF, IIW, LIBURDI, HOBART, MILLER, LINCOLN, ESAB, THERMODYNE, as well as with manufacturers of edge welded bellows, medical and dental equipment - HERAEUS, VACOTEC, ALLOY BELLOWS, etc.

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