The author of this site developed and took participation in development of some original welding torches and plasma heads. One of them, mainly designed by V. Makedonsky - OB-2322 type - is described below and on, has been introduced into industries in small amounts.

Plasma torch OB–2322 Plasma torch OB–2322 schemes of manual and automatic torches.

Advantages of the PLASMA TORCH OB-2322:

Besides this plasma torch we can also name such high manoeuvrable torches as the so-called wedge-like and finger-like torch(please, see - the left down corner of the combined equipment picture).

Finger-like plasma torch.

The last type of the torch had diameter of 10 mm in the working area and could be operated with currents of pilot and main arc up to 3 A and 5 A - accorrdingly.

The mentioned below original universal plasma head has been almost developed. It may be operated with the named before currents up to 70 A and 200 A. The external diameter of the head is nearly 26 mm which permits connecting it to a handle in order to use it for manual welding, so as to make the universal plasma torch.

Universal plasma torch.

The cylindrical shape of this plasma head provides good possibilities for its use in automatic (mechanized or robotic) welding and for combined processes. Among unusual properties of this head, there exists some special channels that may be used for:

  1. laser tracking or leading the arc with respect to a working zone
  2. feedind a filler material as well as materials like wire or powder
  3. supplying working zone by additional substances like special gases or fluxes, fluxes-pastes
  4. operated zone observation and inspection
  5. acting on current zone by bringing to it some effects like radiation, ultrasonic, vibration, etc.
  6. as an option - the hybrid arc-laser or plasma-laser processes fulfillment

Hence, from the point of view of technological possibilities and patenting the proposed head has good, promising perspectives.

We are ready to work on this head further improvement and introducing together with active and reliable partners who would be interested in such welding-brazing-spraying heads’ development.

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