Some welded constructions have to be build with different thickness of their walls, for example, when some their areas provide for arrangement of heavy elements, for the screw installation,etc. Microplasma welding permits to make local thickening of thin-walled structures, including boxes, using the additional small, sometimes more thick, plates welded by one, or single, side spots. The opposite sides of boxes may be fixed to each other by the so-called ribs of rigidity, also connected in the same manner.


There are also very attractive welding (and sometimes brazing or micro brazing) of closed lapped corner joints in metal boxes and chassis. (Some examples of them as well as the information of their manufacturers you can see in, Such solutions may be used, for instance, for electric, electronic and computer components placing - in order to have the increased and purposeful rigity of similar structures, with the aims to support various elements like transformers, throttles, valves, relays and additional blocks which may be rather big and heavy. Of course, it gives possibilities to use the similar - from the point of view of a configuration - structures with essentially less thicknesses of their walls, having the adequate regidity, what is very important in creating the airspace and cosmos structures. Such solutions can be very useful for welding-brazing producing other industrial precision metal constructions too.

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