Many our works belong to unique. Among them: "Repair by Welding of Guillotine Shears Shaft" [1] - from the MAIN WORKS;
"Rational Form of Edge Joint while Thin Sheets Welding"- [5]; "Clamping Device (for external bellow weld fulfillment) [6];
"Welding Cells for Particullary Pure Hydrogen Production" [7]; "Points Overlap by Pulsed-Arc with Non-Consumable Electrode"- [12]; "High-Effective Welding Diffusional Elements for Super-Pure Hydrogen Production" [15];
"Materials Choice for Welded Palladium Filters" [18]; "Welding Devices for Edge Welded Bellows" [22]; "Method of Thin Sheet Materials Welding" [25]; "Pulse Welding Device" [37]. For example last two inventions permit us to weld edge joints of foils
(0,05 0,3 mm thick) with gaps and displacements which reach up to 120-200% of foils thicknesses without a filler material usage. Almost the same conditions did not prevent us to make excellent horizontal edge seams on vertical plane for plate heat exchanges made from stainless steel with thickness 1 mm . Also there are other unique works - [38], [40], [41], [45], [54], etc. Below we give some united extracts from our mentioned works.

1. Some peculiarities and possibilities of pulse welding.

Stainless still plates(1mm thick) of heat exchanger welded by our unique technology in spite of assembling errors.
This microplasma welding has been made - by microplasma set AMC-1 - in horizontal position on vertical plane without a filler material usage!


3. Some devices for hydrogen purification.

As materials for hydrogen purification were used palladium based alloys with 10-30% of silver and a lot of other elements. Thicknesses of palladium based membranes and capillary tubes were 0,02-015 mm

Should you require further details, we would of course be glad to supply this upon request.