We welcome you to tour our Web Site. We hope that it will help you to find answers on many questions in the field of welding and adjacent processes, especially in plasma technologies. The site heads for many companies, institutions and private persons which are involved in design, producing, service, inspection and repairing of different thin-walled goods made from the majority metal materials (excluding aluminium and magnesium alloys for the present , but almost for every material - in the future).

The site is proposed by Dr. David Pogrebisky and based on his large experience which includes 25 working years at the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute ( Kiev , Ukraine ) in cooperation with a lot of leading scientific and industrial organizations of the former USSR plus 10 years of his own investigations and design, made in Jerusalem . Please review this site and may be you will find the best way of your problems solution coherent with manufacturing, repairing and examination of different precision, mainly thin-walled, structures.

Pogrebis TEMP

The name of the site Pogrebis TEMP means that it is mainly devoted to Technologies & Equipment of Microplasma Processes.
None the less this site author's knowledge may be used for practically every welding problem solution. Moreover he may be useful in decisions searching for such branches as materials and electrical engineering, chemical and energetic machinery, electronics, medical-biological and cryogenic equipment, tubes producing, moulds repairing, etc.
This site information may be also useful for many educational organization (courses, schools, colleges, universities), which have a deal with precision machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, metal tools, instrument and devices used in medical biological and dental practice. The author s experience permits him to work as a teacher, lecturer, adviser, consultant and laboratory assistant, attracting attention of the youth and learners to the new and perspective directions of science and technique development.
He can also work in the field of investigations, consulting, training, control, expertise, in creating original devices for teaching processes, their modernization and repairing.

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