David Pogrebisky, PhD – Resume (3 versions)

Version #1

David Pogrebisky, PhD
POB 31445, Jerusalem 91313 , Israel
Phone: 02-6417803


Objective: Specialist in electrical and technology engineering, precision welding and equipment.

Summary: 30 years of experience in design, manufacturing and welding of thin metals and precision structures, diaphragm bellows, fuel elements, membranes for super-pure hydrogen purification, heating and melting vessels, made from platinum metals, autoclaves made from stainless steel, jewellery and special goods, sensors and unique machines, working under pressure pipe systems.

2005 - Welding Engineer at the “Chemo Aharon Metals Works & Constructions”
2004 - Technical Specialist and welder at “Kadouri Design” factory, Lod.
2002–2003 - Welder at “Yosan Ltd.”, Beit-Shemesh; Worker at Hi-Tech Mech.-Jerusalem.
2000–2001 - Technical Specialist at “Gold Jerusalem” jewelry factory, Jerusalem .
2000 - Jeweler at the factory of “Tobias”, Ramat-Gan.
1998–1999 - Operator of the big welding robot at the factory of “Tuttnauer”, Jerusalem .
1997–1998 - Welding engineer at the “Conception and Engineering, Ltd.”, Beit-Shemesh.
1995–1996 - Worker at the jewelry factory of “Ne'eman”, Jerusalem .
1995 - Welding specialist at the factory “ Oran ”, Jerusalem .
1994 - Welder (argon and microplasma), “Solel”, Jerusalem .
1993–1994 - Welder in CO 2 , “Iron”, Mishor-Adumim.
1987–1993 - Senior Staff Scientist of “Paton Institute of Electric Welding”, Kiev , Ukraine .
1968–1987 - Senior Technological Engineer, Leading Engineer, Division Manager of “Welding of Noble, Precision Metals and Bellows” at Construction-Technology Bureau of the E O Paton Institute of Electric Welding”, Kiev .
1965–1968 - Senior Technological Engineer of “Stroidormash” factory of building and road machines, Kiev .
1963–1964 - Special Goods Foreman of the arms factory, Tula , Russia .
1957–1958 - Toolmaker of the radio-apparatus plant, Kiev .

1995 & 1999 - Courses of AutoCAD
1992 - Courses of Ultrasonic Defectoscopists in Welding
1992 - Courses of Electric Manual Welders
1978–1981 - Supported the dissertation (“Technology of Welding of Membrane Constructions, Including Palladium Filters and Bellows”) - PhD in welding.
1977 - Higher state courses of patenting and invention.
1965–1968 - Three years Republican courses in English.
1958–1963 - Institute of Transport Machinery – M.Sc – Engineer of Mechanics with specialization of “Equipment and Technology in Welding Production”, Bryansk .

Publications: More than 50 articles, 30 inventions, 20 foreign patents, 3 educational manuals (2 – in English).

Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Teaching experience:
27 years - Lecturer at training courses for welders and welding engineers.
19 years - Lecturer at UNIDO In-Plant Group Training Program in the field of Electric Welding (plasma processes).
Nearly 5 years – Groups leader – for children and the young people (radio-electronics, skilled workmen, technique).

Additional info: I have designed and built a prior prototype of the microplasma set for welding and brazing of precision constructions, especially made of stainless steel and noble metals. I have a lot of equipment for welding and for research in this field in my possession. I can also work as an expert, adviser and a teacher.

Version #2

David Pogrebisky, PhD
POB 31445, Jerusalem 91313 , Israel , Tel.02-6417803


Objective: Specialist in materials engineering, precision welding and machinery

Summary: 30 years of experience in welding of thin metals and precision structures, sensors, bellows, fuel elements, membranes for extra pure hydrogen producing, pipes, heating and melting vessels, made from platinum metals, stainless autoclaves.

Experience: 1 year – toolmaker, 1.5 – foreman, 10 – senior technological engineer, 5 – group leader, 7 – manager of division of Construction-Technology Bureau of E O Paton Welding Institute, 6 – senior staff scientist, 27 – lecturer, 3 – manual welder (microplasma, argon, CO2), 1 – operator of a big welding robot, 2 – jeweler , 7 – designer and repairer of welding, electrical and precision equipment, expert.

2002-2005 - Worked out the projects “Multipurpose Microplasma Set” and ”Microplasma Set for Dental and Medical- Biological Purposes”- mainly for incubators. Prepared the main materials for a book about precision welding technologies. Made the report about the new microplasma set at the International Conference “Noble Metals – 2005” ( Berlin , Germany ).Inspected the welded pipe station.
1999–2002 - Designed and built a prototype of Multipurpose Microplasma Set (MMS),which shows very good results for stainless steel welding, jewelry and dental purposes. Designed, built and modernized some devices for jewelry. Made the model of manual device for microplasma spraying. Built some original plasma blocks. Calculated compulsory assembling conditions for different thin-walled seams stable formation - without filler materials usage (for metals up to 1 mm thick).Showed that they are rather large.
1998–1999 - Operator of a big welding robot (from “Cloos” company, Germany ).Found optimized welding parameters
1996-1998 - Studied jewelry processes; designed and built original blocks, which in addition to standard welding equipment give possibilities to make plasma and microplasma welding processes - very easy , quickly and worthless.
1993–1995 - Studied welding processes and equipment in Israel (manual, argon and CO 2 welding, microplasma); studied AutoCAD, designed a universal plasma head.
1987-1993 - Built the unique equipment for welding in various positions at speeds up to 400 m/h and multi-purpose plasma torch; worked out technologies of welding of magnetic cores, bellows, short tubes and lap joints of low carbon steels without use of filler material; made original elements of welding power sources, one plasma set (AMC-1) together with a new plasma torch (that has an adjustable electrode) awarded a silver medal at the Jubilee USSR NEA Exhibition. Developed some welding methods, devices and filler materials. Invented a simple set for plasma spot welding, made some investigations in combined processes.
1976–1987 - Researched the weldability of Pt-alloys for glass melting vessels; developed the special types of welds for glass melting vessels and some their structures, methods of carrying-out heterogeneous junction Pd-Ag and Fe-Ni alloys and filler materials for these aims; took part in creation of high-productivity blocks of super-pure hydrogen purification, worked-out welding of horizontal flange seams of vertical plane with gaps and displacements of edges exceeding their width – without filler material (for goods like canisters); supported the dissertation-PhD.
Developed improved technologies and devices for diaphragm bellows producing, including such with prolongated working life, proposed the rational connections of edge welded bellows to an armature.The rational edge weld configuration was included to the USSR Bellows.
1968–1976 - Investigated the weldability of Pd-Ag alloys; developed the theory of formation of an edge weld of a foil; developed technologies of manufacturing membrane constructions, bellows, strips, thermo-couples, ampoules, shells, lattice elements, chemical current sources, sensors. Elaborated on assemble attachments, welding and mechanical tests, worked in the field of materials engineering, metallography.
1966 - Carried-out a unique welding repair of a crankshaft on a guillotine shears (made in Germany) which was cracked in two parts, crankshaft had the length 1,5m and the maximum diameter 350 mm , its material was a steel with 0,35% C.
1964–1965 - Introduced welding of some industrial goods 1- 2 mm thick, modernized TIG-set for spot arc welding, improved the quality of arms factory welded goods.
1958–1963 - Bryansk Institute of Transport Machinery - M.Sc – Engineer in Mechanics and Welding.
1957–1958 - Toolmaker of the Radio-apparatus plant – Kiev , Ukraine .

Publications: 33 inventions ( USSR and Russia ), more than 20 foreign patents and 60 articles, 3 manuals (2 – in English)

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew.

Teaching experience: Nearly 20 years Lecturer at UNIDO Training Welding Program

קורות חיים

מהנדס ריתוך
דוד פוגרביסקי
ת. ז. 311808026
02-6417803, 064-825490 ת.ד. 31445 ירושלים 91313


השכלה אקדמאית
1981 - בריתוך מיקרו פלאזמה ומתכת, מכון ממלכתי לריתוך חשמלי ע"ש פאטון, קייב - Ph.D .
1958 – 1963 - מהנדס מכונות, מכון ממלכתי לציוד תחבורה, בריאנסק- M.Sc .

1999 - קורס אוטוקד14, מרכז להכשרה טכנולוגית תל-ארזה, ירושלים.
1992 - קורס ביקורת איכות של קונסטרוקציות בשיטת אולטרא סאונד, קייב.
1992 - קורס לריתוך חשמלי ידני, קייב.
1977 - קורס לתורת הפטנטים ותורת ייעול בעבודה, קייב.
1965 – 1968 - קורס אנגלית למתקדמים.

ניסיון מקצועי
2005 - מהנדס ריתוך בחברת "חמו אהרון - עבודות מתכת ובנייה".
2004 - מומחה טכני ורתך במפעל "כדורי עיצובים " , לוד.
2002 - רתך, "יוסן בע"מ", בית-שמש.
2001 – 2002 - ירושלים ,“Gold Jerusalem” מומחה טכני, מפעל תכשטים.
2000 - תכשטן, מפעל "טוביאס", רמת-גן .
1998 – 1999 - מהנדס מכונות , חב' "מחשבה והנדסה בע"ם", בית-שמש.
1997 – 1998 - מפעיל רובוט ריתוך מתוכנת, מפעל "טוטנאואר", ירושלים.
1996 - פועל-צורף, מפעל "נאמן ", ירושלים.
1995 - מהנדס ריתוך, מפעל "אורן", ירושלים.
1993 – 1994 - רתך, מפעלים. "סולל" ו"אירן", ירושלים.
1987 – 1993 - חוקר מדעי בכיר , מכון ממלכתי לריתוך חשמלי, מכון ע"ש פאטון, קייב.
1978 – 1987 - מנהל אנף, לשכה לתכנון ופרוייקטים, מכון ע"ש פאטון , קייב.
1968 – 1978 - מנהל ראשי, לשכה לתכנון ופרוייקטים, מכון ע."ש פאטון , קייב.
1965 – 1968 - מהנדס-טכנולוג בכיר, מפעל לייצור ציוד כבד לבנייה וסלילה, קייב.
1963 – 1964 - מהנדס מחלקת ריתוך, מפעל צבאי , טולה.
1957 – 1958 - מסגר ובונה כלים, מפעל לייצור ציוד רדיו, קייב.

מומחיות וכישורים
ידע בהפעלה ותכנות רובוטי ריתוך מתוכננתים .
ריתוך של ציוד אווירונאוטי וחלל .
ריתוך תאי דלק .
ריתוך של ציוד נירוסטה העובד בתנאיי חום ולחץ גבוהים .
פיתוח טכנולוגיות ריתוך חדשניות המסתמך על ניסיון רב, ידע והבנה עמוקים של פיסיקת תהליך הריתוך .
פיתוח שיטות ריתוך בסביבת ארגון ובאמצעות פלאזמה .
ריתוך עדין של מתכת כגון זהב ומתכות מקבוצת פלטינה .
ריתוך בתחום התכשיטים .
עיבוד מכני עם חימום מוקדם באמצעות פלאזמה .
ריתוך בתחום ציוד רפואי וציוד לקירור עמוק .
ריתוך מסננים לייצור מימן בדרגת טיהור גבוהה במיוחד .
ריתוך בתחום שנאים ומנועי חשמל .
ריתוך צנרת .

הוראה והדרכה בתחום ריתוך חשמלי .
בקרת איכות ריתוך .
תיקון ציוד חשמלי .

שפות : עברית, אנגלית, רוסית .

כ-60 מאמרים, 33 המצאות, 20 פטנטים, 3 ספרי עזר (2 מתוכם באנגלית).

זכאי למילגה ממרכז לקליטה במדע, בעל קשרים הדוקים עם מפעלים וחברות רבים ברחבי רוסיה ואוקראינה.