Transparant box with welding examples.

After graduating the institute, just becoming a so-called "young specialist", I began teaching some workers and learners the foundations of modern technologies and the ways of various production improvement. It was my first experience in teaching and training in the industrial field. But before, during 6 or 7 summers, I worked with children and the youth in "skillful hands" groups and radio-electronics circles of pioneer's camps, where we built electro-mechanical toys and transistor radio sets. Later this practice helped me to become a professional teacher and lecturer. For duration 27 years I was a lecturer at training courses for welders and welding engineers – in the frame of their qualification improvement. And 19 years I was a leading lecturer at the UNIDO In-plant Group Training Program in the field of Electric Welding (mainly plasma processes) which was conducted in the former USSR by E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute and the Teaching Center of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Indeed for these courses I wrote some book-manuals: "Industrial Microplasma Welding" (Russian), "Plasma Welding and Cutting" (Russian and English), " Plasma Welding, Cutting and Spraying" (Russian and English). The first two books have been written in cooperation with Dr. B.I.Schneider who, during a long period, was my good teacher and mentor. I am ready to continue my work in this direction taking into account main specialization in welding and precision machinery, electrical and technology engineering, obtained many years ago.

At the same time my experience and knowledge may be used by different educational organizations (courses, schools, colleges, universities), which deal with studies and applications of electricity, radio-electronics, precision and delicate structures, electrical and electronic equipment, accurate metal tools, instrument and devices. These organizations may be of technical and industrial profile, as well as of biological, medical and dental purposes. All of them can also find me useful for creating original devices and visual aids for teaching processes, their modernization and repair. Such abilities together with previous experience of working with children and the youth permit me to work in the field of educational technology, which became extremely important nowdays.One of its main aim is to lighten the professional orientation of the youth.

Of course, my teaching and training experience (I worked as a practical manual welder nearly 3 years) was successfully used during the above mentioned pipe gas station building and its welding quality control.

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