Welding began to use in artistic purposes many years ago. For exampe, in 2000-2001 only the USA had nearly 90 specialists who worked in the field of artistic welding. The majority of them produced different decorative fences, counter tops, tables, chairs and barstools, mirrors, chandeliers, etc. In Ukraine such works made the young welder George Derkacz.

AmongWork of Gregory Dochkin. American artistic welders who worked with metal sculpture we may name Bill Keen (garden and prairic themes, trees, animals) and Timothy Flanigan (birds, fish, flowers, sea, land). A very talented Silvia Poloto used welded metal structures in combination with stones and other materials. Welding artist Bill Deweese created life from metal by duplicating exact body from every man personal photographs.

The unique artist-welder Gregory Dochkin (who works in the E.O.Paton Welding Institute, Kiev, Ukraine) has reached the outstanding results in creating of small sculpture and pictures made from titanium with argon welding usage.

Work of Gregory Dochkin. Work of Dochkin's pupil, Dima by name.

He and his followers (especially, his pupil Dmitry Kushniruk - www.art-welding-titanium.com.ua/en/) are also producing different original souvenirs and small art goods. For example, it may be a face of woman, dragon or a spider (last made by Dmitry).

The American welder-artist Bernie Wire has developed the similar and also interesting direction in artistic welding of titanium and other metal materials (www.titaniumart.com/artist.html), where our equipment may be successfully applied too. By the way, our new sets can permit to change not only the volume, but also the composition of shielding gas, using sets' special foot pedal. Of course, it gives possibility to change the colour of titanium welded goods more efficiently.

We are sure the for last purposes may be very useful our cheap, safe and simple sets. It is reasonable to underline once more that such equipment may be operated by persons which are very far from welding.

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