Having a deal with welding, from the student and young specialist years up to the present time, I developed many projects which may be symbolically divided into 3 main classes:

A) Technologies   B) Equipment   C) United (Combined)

Below we give the names of the most remarkable technological projects (which almost always included some elements of original equipment):

  1. Welding of railway carriages: trams, electric trains and refrigerators
  2. Welding of special goods, like bodies and parts of ships, helicopter propellers
  3. Welding of road building machines and some equipment welding repair
  4. Welding of cans and silencers for cars, scooters and motorcycles
  5. Plasma welding of glass- and basalt-melting vessels
  6. Pulse microplasma welding of palladium based foils with thicknesses 0.05-0,1 mm
  7. Welding of mentioned above foils (minimal thick 0,02 mm) with constructional materials
  8. Edge welded bellows manufacturing
  9. Technologies of filters manufacturing - especially for extra pure hydrogen producing
  10. Welding of washing machines bodies made from stainless steel with 2-4% Ni
  11. Welding of plate heat exchangers
  12. Optimization of welding parameters while stainless autoclaves producing with CLOOS robot usage
  13. New welding processes development
  14. Butt microplasma welding of strips, including covered by gold and aluminium
  15. High speed plasma welding of short tubes made from low carbon (boiling) steel
  16. Welding and brazing in jewelry
  17. Welding of termistors and micro schemes bodies.
  18. Some actual technological projects, including those not mentioned above, shall be discussed in the applications site rubric. At the same time we have to mention some other, maybe, the so-called scientific and educational projects, which are more fully given in our site rubrics author - research, investigations and patents, inventions, ideas as well as teaching, training. Among them and in addition to them there are:
  19. Pulse welding parameters optimization in reference to thin-walled, miniature and extra thin structures producing
  20. Progressive joining methods for thin and very thin metal materials (they are also marked by the previous point N.13 - New welding processes development )
  21. Choice of shielding gas composition for various alloys welding, especially based on such metal as palladium
  22. Filler materials for joining goods of jewelry, medical technique, equipment of extra pure hydrogen manufacturing and for precision works fulfilment
  23. Teaching and training activity, as well as lighting of welding technique history in order to show welding role in industries and, in general, mankind development
  24. Creation of manuals, instructions, special literature and visual aids for welding technologies and equipment studying
  25. Original repair methods development by the welding-brazing technologies usage
  26. Gathering the reference information about precision components, metal foils, thin sheets, strips, tubes, etc. As we suggest, such information may be useful for everybody, who wants to build any precision stucture and device or to create the artistic good with the usage of welding-brazing and related to welding processes.

Among real equipment projects we may detail such as:

  1. Torches & Heads
  2. Module for Straightforward Processing
  3. Blocked Plasma Set
  4. Spot Plasma Welder
  5. Others

At least two of our projects belong to so-called combined-united (it means that each of them realizes a new technological idea or an original method in the new perspective set):

As we see, many our projects are mainly belong to microplasma (micro plasma) and plasma welding. The first method of welding, also named in the USA as the needle arc welding, was firstly developped by Secheron and Oerlicon companies, then modernized by PEWI, Linde, BOC, Liburdi, EWI and other organizations, now became an important part of welding fabrication in all the world. However, micro plasma welding value among other welding processes is rather small because of such main reasons - high cost of equipment which mainly is not enough universal, reliable and rather complex in exploitation and repair. So, we have decided to overcome these problems, that will be shown later, when we shall talk about our cheap, safe and simple sets.

Our main target - to make some important working processes, related to welding, as a property for the majority of customers, proposing to them very simple, cheap, safe and reliable sets with widen technological properties. Also, as we suggested, such set use, service and repair will be possible for unskilled operators and even amateurs. We are planning to make such precision sets with the working resource guarantee for over than 5 years. In the future, some elements of the proposed welding set or even all its structure, may be replaced by more modern one (e.g. inverter) and despite that be as reliable and inexpensive in its components and construction. For now, we hope, the price of the proposed industrial welding set is no more than $ 5,000 - $ 7,000 dollars, which allows to make it accessible for small companies as well as for private users (e.g.artists, jewelry makers, amateurs, etc.) that work in the field of thin, delicate metal structures or in the area of home appliances.

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