In our unique innovations we talked about welding of large plate stainless heat exchangers with thicknesses of wall 1,0 mm, while gaps and shifts of welded edges were up to 1,5 mm and up to 3,5 mm - respectively.

Our AMC-1 welder (please, see our modular-inverter AMC-1 welder) permits to produce such heat exchangers in the above mentioned assembling conditions, morover - in horizontal position on vertical plane and without a filler material usage - without any problem.

Plate heat exchangers.

At the same time we used our blocked plasma set for samples of Canadian Mining Institute heat exchangers welding. And, although as a shielding gas for these stainless steel samples welding we used argon - instead of more suitable argon-hydrogen mixtures (with 2-7% hydrogen volume), the results were very good. As compared with contact-resistance welding, the spot welds were without noticeable deepening; as compared with argon (TIG) welding, the edge welds had more penetration and essentially less over heating.

As it is clear from the picture, for example, a very hot gas atmosphere, that surrounds the heat exchanger, transfers through its very thin walls a lot of heat energy to the liquid or gas substance, which goes through stamped channel in the direction "in" - "out". And, on the contrary, the hot liquid during its circulation (inside of heat exchanger) heats the atmosphere, surrounding this heat exchanger.Naturally, for its building we have to use the smallest thicknesses of the walls material and to weld them as good as possible - in spite of possible assembling errors.Really it is possible manufacturing such type of heat exchanges with wall thicknesses 0,4 - 0,8 mm.

So, our equipment and technology permit to weld such and similar constructions which opens good perspectives for our sets introduction - especially of the AMC-1 welder. However, the cheap, safe and simple sets are also suitable for these goals, though the assembling mistakes have to be fewer than when using the AMC-1, which permits to weld the mentioned structures in horizontal position (please,see our unique innovations and

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