This site's author has more than 30 inventions (of the former USSR and Russia), some patents ( the majority of industrially developed European countries) and several ideas which may be patented soon. Most significant of them are given at the rubric Main Works of the site, moreover ideas are signed by letters, while inventions and patents - by numbers. In order to distinguish the lastest of them we added to the their corresponding their numbers a small letter "p" - when making reference to one the other.

All mentioned (in the given source) inventions, patents and ideas may be approximately divided into 6 types:

  1. Welding Methods (Modes) - 16 ,25, 40, 42 and 52p which belongs simultaneously to the Method and Device.
  2. Welding Sets -36, 37, 53p.
  3. Plasma Torches - 8, 24, 32, 50p, 51p.
  4. Some Industrial Goods - 23, 29, 30, 54p.
  5. Filler Materials - 43, 44.
  6. Accessories - 4, 6. Here we have to note the proposed by the author an original welding mask - with movable dark glass part, which permits welder to inspect the working zone through an usual glass that protects welder's eyes from dangerous for them slag and metal sparkles while looking over this welding zone - at once after process stopping. Such author's proposal (as rationalization) was realized at the Tula arms factory 20 years prior to it being used on the industrial scale throughout the world. Of course, it is a pity that it was not patented.

The list of our previous site Main Works is not complete, and some important inventions (USSR) were not included into it. On this occasion now we name some of them, giving next to them their regular numbers: Diffusion Element (869108); Method of Thin Sheet Materials Welding (866889); Torch Nozzle for Plasma Processing (1202164); Device for Plasma Treatment (1396401); Device for Welding (1626537).

For the readers of this site it may be of interest to know that the author of this site took participation in design of original sets and torches, often being the main generator of complex works made at the welding institute as well as together with some companies and institutes of the former USSR. And such methods of welding, as 25 and 42, he invented himself alone. Then the former of them was transformed to a new one with many co-authors, while only a few of them actually participated in this method real introducing. But one perspective torch, or head, the author developed himself 13 years ago. And this torch still has not been patented. Without doubt, many inventions are important at present. At the same time the majority of patents was obtained through the Institute of Electric Welding (E.O.Paton - by name) nearly 17 years ago and indeed now is just the time for their refreshing.

Among the author new ideas (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J), which may be patented at present, there are:

A. Method of Thin Metal Joining
C. Device for Microplasma Spraying
D. Plasma Head for Welding, Brazing and Surfacing
J. Universal Technological Module for Precision Processes...
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