Our welding and combined welding-brazing equipment and technologies may be used for producing and repair of various parts of machines and cars. Among the latter we can name, for instance, body panels, bonnets, airbag and exchaust systems components, wings, doors. We should also mention here that now, due to the recent echievements of EWM German company specialists, the cars repair became much more easier (please, see www.ewm.de and PHOENIX 300 CAR EXPERT PULS).

However, as we suggest, the combination of our cheap, safe and simple sets with the German "Cu S13" brazing wire looks quite perspective. If using this wire with the minimum diameter, it may be possible to make very accurate repair welding-brazing of extra thin cars (and not only cars') components.Car.
We hope that it will be possible in the future, especially when using the original universal plasma head which has special channels for a filler material supplying (that is mentioned in the torches and heads rubric). This head may be also successfully used together with blocked plasma set and spot plasma welder with the same goals of the present rubric. Here we have also to note that the Lincoln Company's welding specialists developed the MIG welding method wich may be in competition with TIG and microplasma methods - for thin metal materials, however with thicknesses no less than 0,7 mm.

Speaking before - about 6 general branches of our elaborations applications, and now - concretely about their usage according to parts of machines & cars, we have to note that these gradations are not so strict. For instance, applications coherent with producing of tubes, bellows and membrane structures, may be considered in the rubrics medical-biological purposes or chemical and petroleum industries. None the less, the present rubric is conventionally devided by us into such subrubrics:

Pipe part of machine.

Speaking about all of the probable applications of the equipment we propose, we have to underline once more the opportunities of microplasma spraying, firstly discovered by the engineer Valery Bogachek. Today he has many followers, and among whom should be named Dr. S.Pavluk, who together with other co-authors published an article titled "The Technology of Welding of Press-Forms and Stamps for Liquid and Hot Metal Treatment" - "Svarochnoye Proizvodstvo", 2003, N.9. The article describes experience of "SANTEL" company (Moscow) - "UGNP-6 Series Units for Microplasma Spraying of Metal Powders". Using in similar ways the spraying options of our cheap, safe and simple sets, we may add to these sets some important technological advantages.

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