There are a lot of other welding applications of proposed by us technologies and equipment.

Due to our assumption of six main applications of our equipment (parts of machines and cars, jewelry and small metal art, home appliances, electric and electronic industries, medical-biological purposes, chemical and petroleum industries) which sometimes interlace, we did not name other branches of possible applications - like energetic, aircraft, military, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as precision machinery. These branches, however, have been partly considered in due course, when we turn to parts of machines, electric and electronic, chemical and petroleum industries.

Nevertheless, below we shall give some other possible applications of our equipment. If we talk about cheap, safe and simple sets which permit to weld manually materials with thicknesses of 0,3-0,8 mm, their usage opens wide possibilities, as opposed to argon units, reducing weight and costs formanufacturing of many goods, especially made from stainless steels and special alloys for aircraft, military, scientific and other purpoces:

flat-rolling metal tube filled by air

Among unusual applications of the new cheap, safe and simple sets is the local heat-treatment of teeth and cutting edges of small mills, valves, precision armature, etc. without electrical interaction with their surfaces. It was impossible for similar sets because of low power of the non - transferred arc. Such effect became possible due to the high power of the non- transferred arc which new sets can provide. According to Swiss specialists experience, these welding sets may be used, as we suggest, for connection of glass fibres (as well as for works with glass and crystal, for example, for its polishing - something we began doing a long time ago).

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