Generally speaking, at the beginning of his professional career the author of this site had created first examples of original equipment : a special resistance to a big welding generator - in order to weld metal constructions with walls 1 - 3 mm thick; the electro-magnetic device of knifes for road machines transportation (the first author page); a hinge device for curved parts drilling (the subrubric engeneering consultings and quality control). Below we shall only consider equipment developed with the aims of improving modern technologies for thin metal materials joining. Though the present site equipment rubric is much larger than the same one of , Internet visitors are welcome to see there the original universal welding stand (at the top-right corner), which was developed and built under this site author guidance at the Dneprodzerzinsk branch of the State Institute of Nitrogen Industry.

We can name some earlier samples of other original equipment. Among them the self-centering adjusting device (4) - for massive flanges and thin foils welding - which has been shown at the foregoing site - under N.4, and the rolling-pressing device for foil seams welding is also shown there - nearly N.4, but higher. This device had to be placed on the nozzle part of the plasma torch - in a such way, that microplasma arc would be exactly oriented to the point of the welded foils contact. Due to this device usage welding of foils had become possible - with thicknesses less than 0,1mm - before the AMC-1 set and its prototype were created.

We also designed the original equipment for edge welded bellows manufacturing: the device for the inner weld fulfilment (picture 1), when we make membrane pairs (please, see our bellows and membrane structures), and the device which is given under N.6 - for outside welds producing (two its positions are given on the picture 2).

Device for the inner weld fulfilment (picture 1).
Picture no.1
Device for outside welds producing (picture 2).
Picture no.2

For the use of both devices we developed a special rotator with the hollow (tubular) spindle. Through it these devices may be activated - while we need to open or close them - due to a push rod motion which is placed inside of this spindle. Later, basing on this our idea , a special machine for edge welded bellows manufacturing was developed and built .

Creating the blocked plasma set, we designed and built some modifications of pilot arc block. If the first of them had a weight nearly of 30 kg, the second one was 10kg lighter and the third-the pilot arc block modification (at current 8 A)-was no more than 9 kg.

Here it is reasonable to mention that we developed some original plasma welding nozzles - torch tips (please, see among our Main works N.51).

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