Universal technological module for precision processes of welding treatment, especially for plasma processing - is schematically shown at our site www.pogrebis-temp.com/equipment.html.

The heart of it presents the module for straightforward processing that permits mechanizing such processes as local heat treatment, welding, brazing, cutting, surfacing, gauging, spraying, etching, marking, painting, etc. This module has been design himself by the author of this and the previous site. After that it had been manufactured at the Kiev Plant of Machines-Automatons and Experimental Production Division of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute - under the author's guidance. At present it is still at the mentioned above institute and practically is not used. So, we have a dream to ransom this module and use it for real and interesting work.

The main goals for creating this module were:

  1. to obtain an instrument for experiments and investigations of welding in different space positions, and for this purposes the module has a special stand and supports which permit inclining and fixing this module in any needed space position (as a result of these experiments we found how to obtain fillet welds of low carbon steel with 1.2 mm thickness - without a filler material usage)
  2. to have possibilities of stable welding and adjacent processes at usual (up to 100 m/h) and increased speed - between 100 and 400 m/h (we suiccessfully used such possibilities for speciments of washing machines and short tubes welding - see our tubes & pipe system)
  3. to build a base for new auxiliary equipment - universal, compact and cheap - for automatic processes fulfillment (and as our working experience showed at the plant "Tuttnauer" , where the big welding CLOOS robot was used - please, see our rubrics author - engineering, consulting & quality control - such equipment is indeed needed, because in many cases it may substitute the expensive and not sufficiently reliable robots, saving a lot of money).

The main properties of the module for straightforward processing:

  1. Service zone ........................1500 X 800 X 1200 mm
  2. Working speed .......................up to 400 m/h
  3. Deflection from linear...............up to 0,15 mm
  4. Limits of electromechanical correction - by width up to 260 mm, by height up to 140 mm
  5. Amplitude of transverse oscillations up to 260 mm

As can be seen, the module has a lot of noticeable parameters and, in our opinion, it may still be patented today and used for many welding appliances (please, see N.J in our rubric patents, inventions, ideas).

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