Welding is always used for purposes connected with medical problems. For example, at the internationally renowned E. O. Paton Institute of Electric Welding of the National Academy of Sciences Ukraine developed the LTC technology, many medical appliances of various welding methods (please, see the paragraph "Welding in Medical Technique" -p.p. 232-234 of the book "Microplasma Welding" - edited by the Academician B.E.Paton, Kiev, "Naukova Dumka", 1979, 248 pages; the article of B.E. Paton, V.S. Gvozdetsky, V.I. Dranovsky, V.L. Dzheppa, Yu.S. Furmanov and A.A. Lyashenko, "Plasma Surgical System "Plasmamed" - Paton Welding Journal N.1,2000, p.45-46, etc.). In the former USSR the positive results have been also obtained for microplasma welding of orthopedic devices, artificial aortal and mitral values for human heart (made from titanium alloys), of a special surgical instrument (made from high-alloyed steels), of cryogenic equipment and autoclaves (made from stainless steels), different sensors, etc.

The world market of medical-biological and dental precision structures may be estimated to amount to a minimum of a half billion dollars turnover each year. For instance, we may mention the Heraeus Kulzer Company (www.heraeus.com/hh/eng/holding_home.nsf/$frameset/fKonzernbe) which is a leader in the business areas of precious metals and dental health. In 2004, the company generated revenues of 8.3 billion with more than 9,800 employees, working in many medicine fields and providing "total product solutions for the dental industry worldwide".Only for the latter purposes the company spends 378 million dollars.

The Microplasma Equipment is developed for hydroxyapative coating of small parts for the biomedical sector, such as dental implants or spinal column components.

Generally speaking, welding helps to find solutions to such problems as:

In this site rubric, speaking about medical - biological purposes, we shall only touch upon dental laboratories, cryogenic and autoclave equipment and different devices producing and repair. And, of course, the welding equipment we propose may be used for the already mentioned targets with much success.

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