At present the volume of non-consumable welding is no more than 5% of all the welding processes. At the first sight it might appear that our new sets, that in large belong to such welding methods, do not posssess too promissing a position within this rather small niche of the welding market. However, to prove the reverse, information posted on the Internet ( states that the Regular World Market for the welding equipment according to the year 2007 forecast (which will exceed present release of the equipment approximately by 10%) will amount to ($ millions):

  1. Medium current Plasma (PAW) and Microplasma Welding - 58-61
  2. Argon (TIG) Welding - 60-62
  3. Laser Equipment - 1200

Bearing in mind the average item price of each type of the equipment (together with accessories and spare parts) - $ thousands - (accordingly 15,2 and 30),it is possible to conclude that approximately up to 4,000, 30,000 and 40,000 units of the noted equipment may enter the market annually. Thus, the total amount of this, competing with one another, equipment may rise to up to 75,000 units.

Our calculations shows that the equipment market of Electron Beam Welding, Resistance Spot Welding, Furnace Brazing, Induction (High Frequency) Processes and different types of Micro Brazing is nearly $ 550 millions. Hence, the proposed welding sets (we do not consider now the modular-inverter type of sets) have good perspectives to occupy an essential niche among the neighbouring equipment of welding profile – of the total manufacture volume, consisting of up to two milliard dollars.

We do not exactly know the medical-biological necessities in precision welding. We have only found the information about general dental problems have been found by us. For example, it is known that China spends 150 millions dollars annually for the dental purposes (the "Infodent " magazine, 2004,N.3, the article "Focus on China"). At the same time - according to - small in size Israel "has one of the highest proportions of dentists to the general population in the world, with some 8,000 dentists currently practicing, and about 300 new ones joining the profession each year. The market is driven by the private sector rather than by the public health system, with limited government cost regulatory involvement. The dental equipment market is estimated at $60 million, approximately half of which derives from local production and half from imports. U.S. exports of dental equipment and supplies to Israel totaled $12 million in 2002, ranking Israel 13th on the list of export markets for U.S. dental products. Israel is the largest trading partner for U.S. dental supplies in the Near East. This market is highly receptive to U.S. dental products and technology and presents U.S. exporters with good prospects. Opportunities exist for U.S. dental equipment, materials and services, including educational services. …There are about 3,300 licensed dental technicians in Israel. Dental technicians are granted licenses and grade based upon work experience and other criteria...Israelis visit a dentist on average 2,6 times per year, for all procedures." And if to suggest that in the future Israel can spend, for instance, 0,1% sources on buying the proposed sets with the aims of teeth prostheses building, it gives the forecast for the new precision sets order up to 12 items for the first three years. On the other hand, if expecting that 0,5% of dental technicians decide to buy our sets, this means that among them such sets customers may be no less than 16. Of course, such sets may be needed in other fields of medicine and biology as well. So, the market for the new simple sets may be estimated to come to nearly 20 items for the first and second year - according to medical-biological purposes - in Israel alone.

As an universal tool for home appliances the new set at the beginning may be annually demanded by 10 - 20 items. Naturally we suggest that in the future the demand of the new sets will increase by 10 or even more times.

Taking into consideration many of our (not brought here) arguments, we outtay, as displayed on the given below Table, careful estimation of the new sets requirements for the 7 coming years. So, if at the last of these years we reach the release of new sets up to 1400 items it will be no more than 1-2% of all the bulk of the similar and neighbouring equipment. Such prognosis looks quite realistic.

The preliminary plan of release and sales of the proposed set.

# Spheres of using Output from begining of serial producing
1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years Subtotal for 7 years
1 Teeth and bone prosthesis 3 6 10 15 25 40 60 159
2 Medical-biological
instrument and
15 20 35 50 70 100 120 410
3 Refrigerators, thermostats, washing machines, kitchen and delicate furniture 3 7 15 25 35 45 55 185
4 Medical-biological schools, colleges and universities 3 5 8 20 30 50 60 178
5 Technical, physical and technological colleges and universities 7 11 25 40 70 110 150 413
6 Moulds, press-forms and stamps repair 15 30 50 70 100 140 180 585
7 Tubes, pipes, vacuum, membrane and cryogenic structures, small autoclaves and vessels 8 10 10 27 40 70 95 265
8 Laser and electron-beam equipment substitution 3 6 12 30 50 100 150 351
9 Substitution for argon (TIG), spot resistance (contact) and stick welding sets 5 8 15 25 40 80 100 273
10 Substitution of induction and furnace brazing and microbrazing devices 2 4 8 15 25 40 50 142
11 Car and other vehicles
parts produce and repair
2 5 10 25 40 65 95 242
12 Chemical, energetic electromechanical and electronic machinery 6 10 20 30 50 70 90 276
13 Home appliances 5 13 17 38 55 75 100 303
14 Jewelry and metal arts 3 5 10 20 30 50 80 198
Subtotal for each year 80 140 250 430 660 1035 1385 3980

About the AMC-1 welder possible market possibilities we may forecast such options:

  1. Using it - after the corresponding modernization - for manufacturing edge welded bellows, membrane and other special structures, especially when they have to be more toleranted to their thin-walled edges essential misalighment.We would be very glad to find the organization which can do this modernization - with our active participation. We hope that the customers of such modernized AMC-1 welder may be 20-80 each year.
  2. Using some ideas of the AMC-1 welder, leading to the mentioned in the previous point problems overcoming, in constructions of similar microplasma and plasma units, for example, in the American unit - DT-100 Weld Programmer. We would like to participate in this process, hoping that it can increase the necessities in above mentioned American sets up to 40%.
  3. Producing the AMC-1 modernized blocks of pilot arc separately - for our cheap, safe and simple sets as well as for other purposes. For instance, it may be producing - similar sets of Germany, USA and Canada as well as our Blocked plasma set and Spot plasma welders, which are shown in the site rubric Equipment.In this case suggested needs in pilot arc blocks may be estimated up to 80-200 each year.

At the same time for the majority of the above mentioned options of the AMC-1 welder usage we need a plasma torch like OB-2322. Our calculations show that for these purposes the demand of such torches may be some hundreds items each year. So, taking into consideration our prognosis with release and sales of the new welding cheap, safe and simple sets, the demand of the new improved and universal plasma torch may be subtotal nealy 1000 items each year.

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