In the following site rubrics we shall sometimes refer to the MAIN WORKS in welding of our previous site, using its corresponding marking symbols.

Main works (numerated):

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  1. Torch for Plasma Processing, - Patented in : Austria (385166)-25/02/1988; GDR (273159)-07/071989; Italy (1203867)-25/021989; France (2614167)-04/08/1989; Sweden (454934)-15/09/1988.
  2. Torch Nozzle for Plasma Processing - Patented in : GDR (276688)-16/05/1990; France (2610776)-04/05/1990; Sweden (457403)-20/04/1989.
  3. Method and Device of Thin Sheet Material Welding – Patented in : Germany (3708011)-07/09/1989; Austria (387740)-10/03/1989; Italy (1204505)-03/03/1989; Sweden (463083)-08/10/1990.
  4. Welding Device – Patented in: Austria (387739)-10/03/1989; Italy (1203866)-23/02/1989; France (2613965)-25/08/1989.
  5. Membrane Element – Europatent N.88908414-L , 12.07.1991.
  6. Membrane Element and Membrane Apparatus for Extracting Super-Pure Hydrogen from Gaseous Hydrogen-Containing Mixtures, Publication No.: WO/1989/011328 International Application No. PCT/SU1988/000108

Some New Ideas:

  1. Method of Thin Metals Joining.
  2. Device for Plasma Welding, Brazing and Combined Processes.
  3. Device for Microplasma Spraying.
  4. Plasma Head for Welding, Brazing and Surfacing.
  5. Torch for Plasma Processing.
  6. Block Welder , Mainly for Plasma Processing.
  7. Electric Welding Device.
  8. Electric Block for Different Plasma Processes Carrying Out.
  9. Universal Technological Module for Precision Processes of Treatment, Especially for Plasma Welding Processing.

In our following site rubrics we sometimes will refer to the MAIN WORKS, using their corresponding marking (symbols).

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