As we suggest, cheap, safe and simple sets, will be successfully used for kitchen goods and metal furniture manufacturing and repair. For instance, connections of handles to the bodies of saucepans and frying-pans as well as to their covers can be made by one side plasma spot welds. At present this connections are usually produced by resistance-contact spot welding which gives the local decreasing of wall thickness and not fine appearance of the outside connection space that needs post-cleaning (please, see our spot plasma welder). In some cases riveting is even used. If applying both of the above mentioned varieties of our equipment the quality of saucepans and frying-pans will be improve significanty, that may be taken into consideration by companies-producers of stainless steel plates and dishes - like, for example, Zipler Company. This equipment, of course, may be used for other kinds of kitchen goods manufacturing and repair. Among them may be welded water heaters, tee cylinders, dutch ovens, drum hoppers, various stainless plates and dishes, spoon ladles, kitchen sinks, units, metal tables, bar stools and furniture (cupboards, wardrobes, bollards, etc.). Also there we may name such home appliances as different styles of hinges, bed ladders/nets/ashtrays, wet cabin fittings/waste baskets, dog assemblies, bow nuts, locks and hardware for yacht-building, locks and hardware for yacht-building (, drums of washing machines, dish-washing machines, milk machines (28), made of thin metal wires welded meshes, etc.

Since our equipment may be operated by non-skilled operators and in the manual mode, this gives possibilities to weld various structures with thicknesses less than 1 mm, also permits reducing weight, sizes and costs of many goods, and simplify their repair. Of necessary, in some cases welding-brazing may be used while operating with the help of our new sets.


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