Almost in every home we can find different tools, electric instruments and devices which may be used for drilling, cutting, bending and connecting of small and various metal hand-made articles.In our opinion, among these devices welding equipment is not enough presented, especially for accurate works. Our New Welding Technology & Equipment ,being relatively cheap and simplistic, may be used for home appliances. Below we shall consider main appliances of the cheap, safe and simple sets for home, household and everyday life. These appliances include also metal arts producing, but we shall cover this hobby and business further in our souvenirs and small art.

Among the possible home appliances we pick out (for convenience) only two:

Of course, for those who have a metal garage, car, motorcycle, motor or an usual boat, such sets may be successfully used for their repair and modernization. So, instead of different, requiring payment, services the owner of the mentioned set can himself do a lot of works, and these works price may compensate the set and its service costs rather fast, saving a lot of time and giving to the set owner many additional possibilities and even a pleasure while using.the set

Here we have to underline that the proposed now modification of the simple set provide for joining of up to 3 mm thick metal materials, excepting aluminium, magnezium and their alloys. However, in the future we plan to develop the next set modification which will permit to weld these alloys too. Since at home we do not usually have not 3-fase electric net, the set usage foresees one fase feeding with the voltage of 220-230 volts. As it is written at the corresponding place, for this set it is possible to use different water cooling systems, including separate-outside one, or even using running water. If necessary, for plasma forming and shielding gases supplying small gas cylinders and even one cylinder with argon may be used. We would welcome any opinion on welding and welding-brazing processes usage in home appliances.


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