In the frame of this site we consider 5 main gradations of welding equipment, sets, units, different devices and accessories that were developed either with our active participation or personally by us. Of course, the heart of this equipment put together is the sets and the torches, and we pay maximum attention to them. Every welding unit, or set includes strictly a set and one or several types of a torch, while usually their markets prices, according to our analysis, compile 70-85% and 30-15 %, accordingly.

The main reason for our proposals is to obtain more technological possibilities - as compared with the equipment which already exists or is in demand for the past few years. Before we gather information about similar sets which is partly covered together with our own developments in this field in the rubric cheap, Safe and Simple Sets.

The idea of such sets is based on classical principles of welding source - welding arc regulation and on very simple element base which is used in an original manner. Together they give such effects as reliability and accessibility for every customer who may be rather unfamiliar with the welding-brazing inehaustive realm. Here we can only remark that firstly proposed by Prof. V. Gvozdetsky and his collaborators the principle of the constant power of welding arc (its static hyperbolic characteristic) now is successfully modernized and used by the Lincoln Company. None the less, due to the original structure our new sets have dimensions and weight which do not exceed that of the modern inverter sets (please, see the Table, which is given below).

The Modular-inverter AMC-1 welder has been developed for special purposes (please, see our unique innovations page), patented many years ago, and is still actual now but in rather limited scale, that may determined with this site readers kind help. We would be very glad to receive any reader's remarks on this matter as well as in relation to all of the site's content. We also suggest that the combination of some parts of the proposed sets may successfully take place. For example, for a block of pilot arc for new sets it is better to use the same one from the AMC-1 set (perhaps after its slight modernization). The reasons for such combination are not only the mentioned earlier block small dimensions (158x80x400 mm) and weight (4,5 kg), but also its possibility to operate with a very stable pilot arc of a current 2-5 times lower than that already provided within a similar block of the new proposed new sets. Naturally, it will save electrical energy. At the same time the AMC-1 block of pilot arc provides its switching very easily, when the diameter of a tungsten electrode is only 2-2,5 mm.

The present table (based on information from,,, and, gives the brief comparative information about the most known similar sets that require approximately the same electrical power as the proposed by us new set. Usually they include the circulating water cooling system, thus the weight of each their item is no less than 50 kg. If an additional separate cooling system is used, the sets may be essentially lighter - up to 30-35 kg.Their total market prices usually amount to $ 8-18K. We suggest that the price of the simplest new industrial set will be up to 50 % lower, thus - nearly the prices of the most expensive argon welding sets. As compared with similar sets the new one does not include programmable and computerized properties, yet allows easy changing of working parameters, up to 2-3 times, when using its foot pedal. It is very important because this set is developed mostly as a manual welder and a so-called home master, or helper. If usual argon (TIG) sets permit (in manual mode) to weld materials with minimum thicknesses up to 1 mm, the new set allows welding (and brazing) the same materials with thicknesses of 0,3-0,8 mm. This opens wide possibilities to reduce weight and costs of manufacturing of many goods, especially made from stainless steel and special alloys for medical, aircraft, military, scientific and other purposes as well as for home appliances - thanks to precision welding usage..

Type of set

Country - Producer
Maximum MAIN Current , A Current of Pilot, or Non-Transferred, Arc, A Dimensions
L X W X H, mm
Weight, Kg
Germany, EWM 120 10 500x450x500 Nearly 50
Canada, Liburdi, Micro-PAW 100 100 5 635x585x320 52
Germany, PlasmaJet 100SPS 100 - 455x980x620 85
USA, Plasmafix P+T Power Source 50 - 630x355x730 95
USA, DT-100 Weld Programmer* 150 - 724x381x457 59
Prototype of a New Set 95 50 600x390x325 35 (without
cooling system)
New Industrial Set (suggested) 100 60 630x550x340 55 (with inside cooling system)
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