Welding in electric and electronic industries became more important especially during last 10-15 years, as well as related to welding processes - soldering, brazing, spraying, etc.
On the other hand, at the end of the 1960's necessities of electronics gave impulse to develop microplasma welding. That is why the majority of microplasma equipment of the former USSR was produced at the electronic plants. Such equipment was widely used for manufacturing of semiconductor elements, capacitors, integrated elements, resistors, relays, electric switchers, galvanic and fuel elements, generator lamps, thermocouples, sensors, microwave and laser devices, stators and rotors of small electric machines, transformers magnetic circuits made from silicon steel.

Our cheap, safe and simple sets as well as torches and heads may be used for welding, brazing, welding-brazing, local heat treatment, etching, marking and spraying (as an option) for a lot of structures which belong to electric and electronic industries. In many cases the simple sets give possibilities to weld wires, sensors and thermocouples in enamel and glass isolations without removing them before welding.

The modular inverter AMC-1 welder is well suited for very delicate structures producing - like some mentioned in (28) and (34). In these articles some problems were touched upon, and they coupled with the peculiarities of impulse pump lamps and generator lamps manufacturing that provides for connections of ferrum-nickel alloy with tungsten and with copper as well as connection of tungsten with molybdenum - through platinum (please, see our goods made from materials of different properties and thicknesses). The AMC-1 welder is perspective for the named at the beginning of this rubric miniature elements producing. It is also more attractive for closing of capillary tubes ends (see our tubes and pipe system), which may be used for vacuum fixing in different electronic devices after air pumping from them, and for producing of plate-disc (so-called printed) rotors of electric machines.

For usual electric engines our simple sets are exceptionally preferable because they permit to produce brazing-welding of their collector connections of armature with much more quality and minimum post-cleaning - as compared with the traditional gas flame brazing. These cheap, safe and simple sets are also without an equal when it comes to making quick connections of thin wires covered by enamel or glass isolation. If to compare this process with using of gas flame, the new sets give less damages of the above mentioned isolation; while comparing with similal microplasma equipment , the new one does not often need cleaning of this isolation before welding because these functions fulfills the non-transferred arc that has much more power then usual sets possess. These cheap, safe and simple sets are also without an equal while quickly welding parcels of transformer plates, stators and armatures of electric machines.

Here we cannot nameall possible applications of our sets in electric and electronic industries. In the scope of this site rubric we shall consider in more detail only two of them:

  1. transformers, engines, motors
  2. thin-walled boxes, chassis

In our opinion, the last sub-rubric is quite important because many electric and electronic devices have boxes and chassis where are simultaneously placed very light and small as well as rather heavy and big elements. In order to minimaze such boxes and chassis weight our welding sets usage looks quite promising.

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