Here we would like to point out the most typical cases of possible using of our equipment for the medical-biological purposes which were not described earlier. According to information of the foreign companies - Liburdi and Pro-Fusion, - as well as usual microplasma equipment, the proposed sets may be used for such medical applications :angiographic and catheter guide wires, pacemaker batteries and enclosures, X-rays tubes, orthoscopic, cutting tools-scalpels,etc, prosthetic components, laproscopic assembles, aspiration and injection needles,surgical baskets, dental instrument, catheter metal capsules, vacuum tubes, electrocautery tools and so on.

As we showed earlier, our equipment permits to produce various sensors, thermocouples; medical-biological instruments - mirrors, clamps, pincers, etc.; vessels, reservoirs, store-houses for various substances, bodies of different medical devices (please, see our thin-walled vessels); metal furniture - beds, chairs, bedside tables, carriages, side-cars, braskets, corbets, supports (please, see our kitchen goods, metal furniture producing and repair). At the same time the new CHEAP, SAFE and SIMPLE SETS may be used for repair of cryogenic devices and small autoclaves (please, see the cryogenic and autoclave equipment subrubric) as well as for ventilation, turbine and other devices restoration - as it is shown on the picture, borrowed from the Messer Grieshaim company publicity materials.

Generally speaking, the proposed new cheap and simple sets may be very suitable for everyday welding and allied processes for different devices producing and repair in medical-biological and other purposes.


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