The welded cryogenic equipment (which works under temperatures 8 - 77 K) is used in medicine, experimental biology and pharmaceutics. It may be like a complex of various, mainly pipe thin-walled, systems made from ferrum-nickel alloys and special steels, including stainless steels. The other types of this equipment representatives are made from almost the same materials, but they have appearance like cans with cubic content 4 - 640 liters. Usually they have two-layer walls and between these layers a vacuum has to be without fail. That is why the welds quality of cryogenic equipment has to be especially high, and microplasma welding guarantees such quality (28), (46). Usually the most problematic is welding of a throat with a body of the cryogenic vessel. The modular inverter AMC-1 welder may be very useful for such and other purposes, especially taking into consideration its possibilities to be not pretentious to assembling conditions while a filler material using is impossible. During welding of cryogenic equipment everybody has to pay muximum attention to the cleanness of the welded edges as well as to the whole welded item and of the nozzle part of plasma torch. After welding such items, goods and their welds have to be carefully checked by helium leak or a similar detector.

While working at the plant "Tuttnauer" among many different autoclaves, we noticed some of their types with cylindrical body and thicknesses of stainless steel wall nearly 0,8 mm. Our cheap, safe and simple sets and blocked plasma set may be successfully used for such autoclaves welding instead of argon welding machines, rendering, for instance, much more quality of a butt linear weld that is still problematic now. Also for such type welds our module for straghtforward processing may be very useful, because it permits to lead the plasma torch, like as OB-2322, lenghtways of a weld with the needed, sometimes very high, speed. For example, it may be bodies of welded water heaters, metal containers, boilers, etc.


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