At first developed for the needs of jewelry, these welding-brazing sets were then applied as multi purposes and for dental and medical-biological purposes. Hereby, we may consider sets applications in the latter purposes as well as for the regular welding aims and for home appliances which can be performed by non-professionals, so-called amateurs.

The main innovative features of the basic new set are novel and simplistic principles of its structure and the original plasma torch that has specific quality: movable (adjustable without process interruption) electrode ( please, see our torches and heads, OB-2322). We have to note that the set is mostly developed as a manual welder. If usual argon sets permit (in manual mode) to weld materials with thicknesses up to 1 mm , this set allows welding the same materials with thicknesses of 0,5-0,8 mm (sometimes the minimum thickness may be even 0,3 mm). Moreover, the operator's qualification using this set may be lower than that of an argon welder. The photo of the new set prototype is given below.

Basic new set prototype.

Suggested characteristics of new industrial sets are given earlier - in the Table of the united rubric. Set may be realized in some modifications, noted as P1, P2, S1, S2:

  1. Portable mode – with manual plasma torch. In this case it may be also produced in two versions: P1 – with a separate water cooling system; P2 – with this system, situated inside the set body. It is still desirable to use lighter and more maneuverable plasma torch. There are some ideas on this matter (P3, etc.).
  2. Stational mode – with non-movable and more universal plasma torch; movable, water cooled and adjustable working table; accessories for paralleling and fixing the jewelry goods (for instance, braceletes), teeth prostheses (or other medical-biological goods); an optical system – for welding-brazing zone observation and operator's eyes protection; etc. In this case (S1) plasma torch can provide for a supply of filler material (thin wire, powder, etc.) to the working zone through the special channels, made in the torch body. Another type of plasma torch (S2) may be adapted for spraying of metallic and non-metallic materials (as an option). Different ideas and even examples of both types of such torches have been proposed by the author of this site, and they may prove to be a part of this set next modification novelty (S3, S4, etc.). Of course, if the new set is intented for dental or jewelry purposes and includes a special table and compex accessories , its cost may be up to $11,000.

Below we give a generalized abstract about cheap, safe and simple sets suggested properties and possibilities.

New sets abstract.

The cheap, safe and simple sets allow precision welding, brazing, local penetration or heating. The typical thicknesses of the majority metal materials are 0,2 -3 mm . The basic proposed set has the following advantages:

Potential customers of the new sets include:
industrial, medical-biological companies, universities and organizations which have a deal with delicate metal structures including membrane, vacuum, cryogenic and autoclave machinery, complex medical, electronic and precision instruments and tools, sensors and systems with fine enamel wires, glass-covered thermocouples, different filters made from metal meshes and foils, etc. firms and workshops, engaging in manufacturing and repair of precision mechanics, edge welded bellows (with wall thicknesses more than 0,25 mm), metal furniture, washing machines, refrigerators and kitchen appliances, those producing small transformers, electrical motors, thin walled tubes and metal goods, cutting instruments, hermetically-sealed vessels, batteries, hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, turbine blades, tool, etc. Also, these sets have proven to achieve outstandingly good results in repairing die moulds, stamps and pressforms , metal cutters, scissors, shears; private jewelers, dentists, sculptors and artists working in small metal art as well as a lot of amateurs - for set using in home appliances. In some cases, the proposed set can substitute equipment for argon (TIG), electron-beam and laser welding (that is also very important from the point of veiw of the high qualified operators deficite); brazing machines, like gas-flame and induction devices, electrical furnaces.Using of the proposed set will be ecologically problem-free. The set working prototype has already been made and, fortunately, has shown good results in welding and brazing of jewelry goods, metal teeth prostheses as well as in spot welding of steel samples with thicknesses of nearly 1 mm . It is import ant to note that such steel samples may contain more than 0.3% carbon and may be made from different classes of materials.

The cost of new industrials set depends on their modifications and may be no more higher $4,000 - 7,000 (without special complex accessories). The set also includes an original plasma torch that has specific quality - movable (adjustable without process interruption) electrode. More information about the OB-2322 torch is given in our subrubric torches and heads. The controlled axis electrode shift permits to maintain stable precise conditions for the high-current pilot arc burning during micro brazing, micro spraying, combined and other welding processes. There are some ideas of creating a lighter plasma welding torch.

It may also consist of special channels for powder or wire filler material supplying to the working zone.

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