Some jewelry goods have to be heated, brazed and welded local and rather quickly, else their parts connection has to be made in the hard to reach places. For this purposes, according to the Table of our jewelry and small art rubric, it is better to use laser, electron-beam or microplasma welding that provides much more concentration energy than gas flame or argon arc can provide. It is especially important for braceletes or goods which have movable parts, or for platinum jewelry that needs essentially higher temperatures of heating than gold or silver jewelry. Part of all jewelry goods and of small art is made of titunium and its alloys like in the given here picture of a massive bracelete.

Goods like braceletes consist of many parts which connections of which belong to hinge joints. So, these joints fixing has to be made in a such manner that does not break their mobility. In cases, similar to the titanium bracelete, the ends of axises have to be welded or brazed with a high accuracy - in order not to damage the hinges. The same measures have to be assumed for another type of hinges made, for example, by bending of so-called links - like of chains - while their fixing with the help of brazing or welding. Experience shows that due to very small sizes of bracelete parts, sometimes while gas brazing, defective goods can compile up to 3-10% of their total amount. It happens because a melted metal or a flux penetrates to the gaps between axises and links of bracelets and hinders their mutual shift, or flexible connections.

Because the world cost of gold became much more higher (NEWCREST says: $1000/oz gold is possible ; the gives severe prognosis - without doubt: "Time To Buy Gold" because, as Wiegand expects, "gold reach $850 no later than January 2007") and due to growing interest to platinum jewelry ( the tendency of its requirements rise and will continue increasing in the nearest future. At the same time an original opinion exists - that for jewelry the palladium is the metal of the 21-th centery ( Because the melting temperature of palladium is 1,5 times higher than the same of gold, and palladium is much more chemically active than gold and platinum, its Fusion-Welding Technology has to be performed with special gas shielding mictures usaging which may be realized while our microplasma sets usage.
Hence, the above mentioned problems will become more relevant, including the demand for the new suitable equipment, which permits, for example, to weld titanium and frosted stainless steel braceletes.

Generally speaking, our sets usage - instead of gas flame devices - garantees the absence of probability of clolsely situated elements damage or hinges mobility violation during miniature brazing in space-tight conditions for many goods of jewelry production. Of course, it happens due to the essential local heating of these elements as opposed to when using gas flame. At the same time the temperature of this heating has to be much higher for platinum alloys than for alloys of gold, and the gas flame is not enough suitable for these aims.

Equipment we propose can avoid such defects: the AMC-1 welder - for extra small goods and cheap, safe and simple sets - for usual braceletes and platinum jewelry welding and brazing. The latter process may be recommended for the gold jewelry too (please, see the paragraph under the table of the jewelry and small art rubric).Incidentally, the usage of welding instead of brazing for the braceletes, like the one showed earlier, causes economy of the axises material: during microplasma welding the free ends of axises have to be 0-0,5 mm, while gas brazing demands this parameter longer - up to 1- 2 mm.

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