At first the idea of such sets building was proposed a long time ago by British welding specialists in order to compensate the absence or shortage of the regular plasma welding equipment in industries. We also worked in this direction with the same aim. As a result, at the end of 80s and at the beginning of 90s, there were designed, built and introduced nearly 20 blocked plasma sets for the purposes of tube (please, see our rubric tubes and pipe system), automative, ship building, electronic and electric industries (also see our transformers, engines, motors). This idea has been checked in Jerusalem by me together with engineer Moshe Kelman, and without doubt its relization permits to supply various customers with cheap and simple plasma equipment , based on conventional power welding sets which are in the possession of these customers. Thus, different industries customers expenses and their risk, connected with plasma processes introduction, may be rather low.

Using of conventional DC power supply for plasma welding.

According to this idea (please, see our picture), the convential power welding source is placed together with two simple blocks - of pilot arc and of communications - which have to supply the plasma torch with electricity as well as with cooling water, plasma forming gas (argon) and shielding gas (CO2, Ar+H2, N2, etc.)

Practice shows that such way of plasma process usage may be perspective even now when the international welding market is fulled up with various types of plasma equipment. An advantage is that it allows certain for every customer:
a. to accomodate his equipment for his specific purposes
b. to obtain plasma arc with the needed power - according to the power of the used conventional welding DC set and of the plasma torch ( customer has to buy it separately or build it according to the corresponding documentation or, for instance, to our recommendations - see the rubric, torches & heads)
c. to save money, by not purchasing new regular plasma equipment which is still expensive today.

Such way of plasma equipment creating may be also attractive since at present time, when there are a lot of accessible, cheap (nearly 800 $), compact and slight sources of welding current. For example, the portable set Max Star 140 (currents 5-140 A ; dimensions 203 X 108 X 311 mm ;weight 4,5 kg) produced by the the American Miller Company could be used as such a conventional DC power supply.This set is applied for shielding metal stick (by coated electrodes) and TIG (argon) arc welding. Besides the Max Star Set we can name, for instance: Minarc - Kemppi (Finland); Tecnika 1600 - Telwin (Italy); TINY 150 - Kjellberg (Germany); BME-160, OOO NPC "Prom El-2000" (Russia); Torus-220, OOO "Tor" (Russia) - (here we used the materials of the S.Mironov's article "Inventer Power Sources for Arc Welding", ”Svarochnoye Proizvodstvo”, pp.41- 43, 2003, N.4). If to choose one of these or similar to them power sets as a basic, it may be placed together with the above mentioned additional components in one (rather small) body, giving inexpensive and quite safe plasma equipment. We would be glad to participate in such welding project fulfillment if be given a clearly defined amount of interested customers.

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