David Pogrebisky.

One is welcome to get acquainted with my autobiography that may be found on page AUTHOR of the www.pogrebis-temp.com/author.html which devoted not only to my welding interests.

When I was 14 years old I became a passionate radio amateur, but my dream - to be a radio engineer - had not been realized. For the duration of one year I did work at a radio plant, however only as a tool-maker (which, none the less, played an important role in my future activities). Then I had obtained the qualification of mechanical engineer with the specialization: Equipment and Technology of Welding Production. However, through my life I have been building lamp radio receivers and transistor pocket radio sets, electric and automatic devices for industry, as well as for home appliances. My first steps in welding production were connected with a big plant of the transport machinery, large arms and road-building machines factories, yet everywhere I tried to use my preference for radio-electronics and precision structures - in any possible way. That is why at the beginning of my professional career I made some original devices connecting with electronics and precision mechanics usage, and I was able to make a complex welding repair of a big crankshaft on a guillotine shears. Among my innovations during that period were - modernization of the argon TIG machine with the aim of a spot arc welding, a special resistance to a big welding generator - in order to weld metal constructions with walls 1 - 3 mm thick, a movable dark-glass part of the welder protective mask, electro-magnetic device of knifes for road machines transportation, improvement properties of CO2 welder.

During a certain period I had performed Chief Welder functions of a large machinery plant. Then I was invited to E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute where I worked for 25 years and I had achieved noticeable improvement and innovations. Among them there were some modes for welding of metals 0,02-1mm thick, elaboration of welding technologies for hydrogen filters, membrane structures, bellows, pipes, tubes, silencers, heating and melting vessels made from platinum metals, various industrial goods made of alloys based on Fe, Ni, Co, Pd and other metals, taking participation in design of progressive welding sets, heads, torches, filler materials, special devices and accessories. All these innovations were based on original research and investigations which gave me an opportunity to obtain a PhD degree, have a lot of publications, inventions and patents. One of them made with my active participation - progressive modular-inverter set that was awarded a silver medal of a very prestigious exhibition.

Living in Jerusalem, I studied jewelry processes, worked at a big welding robot, performed works connected with practical welding, adjusting, modernization and tuning of different equipment which was used for melting, casting, rolling, polishing and galvanic works. At the same time I developed myself some original devices for precision arc welding and built a prototype of a simple and cheap precision set which may be successfully used for industrial aims, jewelry and arts, for medical-biological purposes and home appliances.

The report about the set was made at the First International Conference devoted to the noble metals (Germany, Berlin, May, 2005). This set may be protected by 3-5 new patents, at least, and has potential to penetrate some international markets. We are searching for investors and partners. During my active life, being a collaborator of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, I had a lot of effective partners and have met many outstanding personalities.

Among them there were:

At the same time much of fruitful work was made together with the Sverdlovsk and Krasnojarsk Plants of Color Metals Treatment, Dneprodzerzinsk branch of the State Institute of Nitrogen Production, Kamensk-Ural Tube Plant, Kiev "Generator" Plant, Novgorod Plant of Video Tape-Recorders, Herson Ship Building Plant, some motor cycles, aerospace plants, factories which manufactured washing machines, glass- fibres and plastics, etc. Taking this opportunity, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the E.O.Paton Welding Institute and to all of the above named organizations for our useful cooperation, especially to professors E.Rytwin, G.Leskov, V.Gvozdetsky, A.Rossoshinsky, P.Geld, V.Poljakova, to doctors N.Timofeev, V.Vasekin, I.Kirnos, D.Tykochinsky, V.Dmitriev, to engineers V.Komkov, A.Kryznenko, L.Potapenko, G.Olifer, U.Popovcev and V.Makedonsky for their help and support in my work.

During the last ten years I worked with jewelry plants, factories which are related to precision mechanics and machinery, sun boilers and batteries, stainless autoclaves and accurate structures, metal constructions and pipe systems.

Not long ago, being in the USA, Ukraine, Russia and Germany, basing on contacts with Liburdi and EWM companies, E.O.Paton Welding Institute and such companies as Novgorod, Ekaterinburg and Krasnojarsk plants, companies MENNICA (Poland), CPIC (China), PRIOR (Switzerland), McCormick & Associates (USA), BRUMAS (Germany), etc., we have made a conclusion - the progressive, cheap, safe and simple welding equipment and technologies, including AMC-1 modular-inverter welder, are still demand, and we can effectively and quickly satisfy a part of them, at least.

On the base of initiative and leadership of never-to-be-forgotten E.I. Rytvin (the world-famed scientist in the field of platinum metals and the founder of SUPERMETAL company) it was started the tradition to make the international conferences: "Manufacturing of Noble Metal Equipment and Its Application in Chemical and Silicate Industries" (the First one - Berlin, Germany, May, 23-27, 2005); "Platinum Metals in the Modern Industry, Hydrogen Energy and Life Maintenance in the Future" (the Second one - Berlin, Germany, September, 11-15, 2006, and the Third one - Xi'an, June, 23-26, 2008). The latter conference is organized by SUPERMETAL (Russia) and OSWELT GmbH (Germany) companies with a support of the CHINESE UNIVERSITY of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, KUNMING RESEARCH ISTITUTE of PRECIOUS METALS (China), CHINESE NORTHWEST RESEARCH INSTITUTE of NON-FERROUS METALS, JINCHUAN GROUP COMPANY LTD (China), NON-FERROUS METALS SOCIETY (China), CHIENESE TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY, NORWOOD D.BISHOP CORP. (USA), RUSSIAN CENTER for DEVELOPMENT of INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION of PECIOUS METALS PRODUCERS and CONSUMERS, HERAEUS GmbH COMPANY (Germany), DONETSK ENGINEERING and PHYSICAL CENTER (Ukraine), JSC GMK "NORILSK NICKEL" (Russia), MOSCOW STATE MEDICAL & STOMATOGICAL UNIVERSITY (Russia), MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY (Great Britain), INTERNATIONAL INFORMATIZATION ACADEMY (RUSSIA), CLEAN ENERGY RESERACH INSTITUTE of the MIAMY UNIVERSITY (USA). In the frame of all these prestige conferences a lot of important problems are usually discussed in the field of modern life and industries progress and maintenance. Using conferences wide forums, this site author presented some reports there: MICROPLASMA SET FOR NOBLE METALS (DENTAL AND MEDICAL-BIOLOGICAL PURPOSES) WELDING; PLASMA WELDING PARTICULARTIES AND POSSIBLITIES OF PLATINUM AND NOBLE METALS GOODS; EXPERIENCE IN EXTRA PURE HYDROGEN FILTERS WELDING AND IN CATALYTIC REACTORS DESIGN.

We sincerely hope that our proposals (in perspective welding technologies and equipment spreading, in modern plasma technique introduction) will be useful, because they can participate an essential part in the mankind progress - together with our usual active partner like SUPERMETAL, and new some - like, maybe - Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant; JSC Krastsvetmet; Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation; Moscow State Medical & Stomatological University; Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (Canada); Johnson Matthey Company (Great Britain); Donetsk National Technical University (Ukraine); McCormick & Associates (USA); etc.

Being guided by well-known expression "Enriching the others with the knowledge, you enrich yourself" (it is a motto of the very authoritative Third International Conference "XI'AN - PM ' 2008"), let we active participate in such (and others) conferences!

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