We are sure that as an universal tool the new welding cheap, safe and simple sets, or welders, would be considered as objects for electro-commodity market.

Their users may be professional skilled workmen and various amateurs who deal with thin metal constructions, precision and artistic goods - during their producing, restoration and repair.

Really new sets permit:

New sets may be also used for other purposes - please, see, NEW SETS ABSTRACT - (for cutting, some works with plastics and even for charging of accumulators, during works with metal garages, cars, motocycles, motor or usual boats, etc.).

As an option new sets may be used for microspraying. This process demands some additional accessories plus a special plasma head which we just began creating. In the future new sets will be applied for very thin aluminium structures welding.

New sets are very easy to operate(thanks to a special foot pedal) and their service as well as repair, may be carried out by specialists with minimal training, because they are mainly built on the simplistic element base. Taking into consideration their low prices, new sets may be indeed attractive for anybody as an universal tool. So, these sets may be really used as Microplasma and Plasma Welder, Plasma Spot Welder, Plasma Helper (Assistant) or Repairer, as Argon Welder and Stick Welder. That is why they may be named as an universal tool - instrument, that is illustrated in our rubrics:

We would welcome any opinion on this matter, as from welders-professionals, as well from amateurs.


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