The author of this site has more than 60 articles, books and reports. Titles of the most promiment of them are given in the author rubric of the site In order to protect the community of this site, we use the same numeration ( of the most important our publications as well as some mentioned in the previous site ideas which are planned to be patented in the nearest future, giving their alphanumeric signs (in brackets) when referring. Indeed our suggestions about patenting these ideas brought us to limitation of our publications during the last 10 years.

Here we name the main subjects of our publications which may be useful for the modern readers now:

  1. Peculiarities of the pulse welding without a filler materials usage (12, 32, 26, 35, 17).
  2. Rational form of thin edge welds and possibilities of their fulfillment in ideal conditions and when assembling errors (5, 11,20, 26, 38).
  3. Weldability of platinum and palladium alloys used in industrial thin-walled constructions (13, 14, 19, 21, 26, 33).
  4. Plasma welding and neighbouring processes (28, 34, 41, 46, 47, 48, 49).
  5. Welds microstructure investigations of foils made from palladium based materials (2, 3,10, 26, 39).
  6. Costructional materials choice for filters which are used for extra pure hydrogen manufacturing (9,18, 26).
  7. Equipment for edge welded bellows manufacturing (22, 26).
  8. Welding repair of the big guillotine shears shaft (1).

Many reports on these subjects were made at the numerous meetings and conferences (they have been partly published but in collections which are mostly inaccessible for ordinary readers).

None the less a large part of this site author's knowledge is not fully described. And now we prepared most of the materials for one of the books, the title of which might be: " Assembling recommendations for high quality thin-walled structures precision welding - without filler materials usage". This book would include, for example, new information about found by us the so-called self-compensating thin-walled edge joint. The book could include about 15 quires, or sheets; it may be written in English, and we would be very glad to find sponsors for this book edition. The large review article "Non-consumable Arc Welding of Platinum Metals" has been completed by 60%. With further support, it would also possible to refresh our previous books which were edited in the former USSR:

Our experience in precision welds microstructure investigations may be also published (we have more than 100 original photos of such welds with minimal thicknesses of foils 0,02-0,1 mm). Of course, after our final decision about patenting procedures we would be able to write a book with the tentative name "Precision Arc Welding Technologies and Equipment" which can include all of the above mentioned materials.

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