The aims and targets of this site are:

Of course, we are interested in obtaining of a job according to our main specialization and teaching experience, as soon as possible. For example, we are ready to write analytic reviews, manuals, and articles devoted to actual questions in the field of welding and related processes, including education in metals joining processes, home appliances, problems of jewelry, machinery, electric, electronic, chemical, energetic and other industries. Our participation in new sites design and promotion is possible too.

We also hope to succeed in introducing our projects, knowledge and experience for industrial and home appliances targets, scientific and teaching aims. We are sure that together with real partners it will be possible to develop some perspective projects, to realize original ideas that may be patented in the nearest future.

It has to be said now that until patenting the wide publications of the above mentioned main ideas and results of their realization are impossible. That is why during the last 10 years we did not add anything to our main works, waiting for partners in our ideas development and, of course, in our future patenting together. As an exclusion it may be only noted our report at the First International Conference, devoted to Noble Metals Using (Germany, Berlin, May, 2005). We hope to succeed in the direction of the next publications now – after both author's sites appearance in the Internet, as well as in introducing of our projects, knowledge and experience in industries, home appliances targets, scientific and teaching aims. Indeed, welding of thin and very thin metal materials becomes more and more actual in our modern life.

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