Welcome to our new site which is devoted to welding, welding technologies and equipment, welding teaching. As compared with the previous site www.pogrebis-temp.com, the new one is orientated to its best promotion, taking into consideration various aims, links, markets as well as effective future customers services in welding. It means that we divided our innovations in welding as projects, which belong to technologies, equipment and united elaborations, and we offer concrete applications of these welding projects in parts of machines and cars manufacturing and repair - for the majority industries, especially, electric and electronics, chemical and petroleum, as well as - in home appliances, jewelry and arts, medical-biological and other purposes. Previously we carried out research and investigations, designed some original technologies and devices which have already been patented or may be patented together with our real partners. We have experience in engineering, consulting, quality control, teaching and training, and we can participate in different educational programs, in creating so-called welding or plasma centers or in the work with the youth, pupils and students, as well as with any one interested in progressive projects development.

Welding Technologies

We can help anybody practically in any type of welding production, including railway carriages, road building constructions, vessels, sheet metals, pipes and tubes, membranes and bellows, making connections, or joining of machines and precision structures parts with thicknesses of various materials between 0,02 and 40 mm thick. Our knowledge is based on 25 working years at the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute and on the fruitful cooperation with a lot of scientific and production organizations, different companies, plants and institutes.

Welding Examples

Most thorough information of our innovations may be obtained from our articles, books, patents and reports that are presented on this site under the rubric author and on the previous site www.pogrebis-temp.com. We have compiled some interesting welding examples (natural samples) in a special portable transparent box.

Extra-thin welded foils.

We can help to take participation in manufacturing and repair of metal filters - as well as in liquids purification and for extra pure hydrogen production, fuel elements and catalytic reactors, moulds, stamps and turbine blades, kitchen goods, heat exchangers, boxes and metal furniture, bracelets, platinum jewelry, electric transformers and motors, medical objects and equipment, various thin-walled structures. For such aims we developed original welding technologies and equipment, including torches and heads, special devices, progressive modular-inverter welder AMC-1 (in cooperation with one of the leading institute), new perspective cheap, safe and simple precision sets. And we show some examples of their welding applications further.


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